The GiveJoy Foundation



Our Programs

We are focused on creating long lasting impacts on the lives of  inviduals. In doing so, we provide a range of programs revolving around nutritioin, movement, mentoring and medical resources. 



Client choice food pantries open to students. Markets are supplied with healthy food options and personal hygiene products that students may freely choose. Choosing their own food gives students a sense of control and empowerment.


Bi-annual expos that provide medical, nutrtion, and movement resources to students and their families for the upcoming school year. Students can receive physical exams along with participating in family based health and exercise activities.


Mentoring program that stresses relationship over academics. Students and mentors  meet for 1 hour every week to connect. Our goal is to reach, inspire, support, and encourage these children to meet their full potential.

grow & give back holiday drive

Annual holiday program that provides a full holiday experience for families in need. The program adopts students and their siblings across the school district and provides $100 worth of gifts and a pre-prepared holiday meal to the families. The program recently covered 600+ children.